Bridal & Engagement

Bridal & Engagement Makeup

Whether it’s for engagement photography or the wedding day, being a part of a brides special day is an absolute pleasure. I love the high energy that surrounds the bridal party as they get ready. Even more, I love that the time spent in the makeup chair brings a feeling of calm in a time of chaos.

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Why Invest in Bridal Makeup?

It’s a brides most photographed day with every smile and tear captured. Wedding photographs are an important part of a couple’s “history”, as they are the memories to look back on. When you look and feel beautiful, that emotion is reflected in your body language and onto the camera. It makes the photographers job a lot easier when hair and skin are at their best!

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My Bridal & Engagement Makeup Process

I work with traditional and airbrush foundation, based on preference and what works best with that individuals skin type. I have found that when it comes to bridal makeup on a wedding day where you need that flawless longevity, airbrush foundation makeup is best. The finish can be matte or dewy, with a light to heavy coverage depending on what’s desired. (Check out this article on the differences between foundations here).