Apricot Lane Spring Boho

One of my [many] side hustles is modeling for Apricot Lane Boutique. Our team models hand-picked weekly arrivals by our beloved Kim,  we are featured on local morning shows “Living with Amy” and “Local 5 Live”, and everyone’s favorite- styled photoshoots! Our most recent adventure began at  Algoma Beach where I tapped into my funky creative side with some colorful boho beach babe eyes looks.

We are an eclectic group, everyone has something unique to them which is why we work so well with each other representing the brand. For our first look we donned these flowy, boho inspired maxi dresses and rompers and floppy hats.

After we packed up from our morning at the beach, we drove down the road to Ahnapee Brewery where we had some tough work ahead of us…NOT! We drank beer and took pictures. (Rough gig, eh?) Representing for the Home team we sported our finest Packers football gear.

After we enjoyed our brews, we walked next door to Von Stiehl Winery where we experienced the wine testing process, and played around in a cellar basically.  We put on our party dresses, sipped on some red and white, and did our thing for photographer Laura  of The Brass Lens. Laura had an important part in making this experience more than a group of girls getting a little day drunk in pretty clothes, she captured images of it that represent what we all love about Apricot Lane. Fun and functionality for all!

All of this wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for our main chick, Kim! Among the many duties of being the lady boss she is, she is responsible for choosing the wide variety of clothing and accessories for Apricot Lane.  Congrats to Kim and the team, Apricot Lane won “Best Boutique” for the Best of the Bay , Green Bay contest!

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