Hi, I'm Dana

I established Dana Michele Makeup to create a feeling of beauty and empowerment.  I am a nerd, I find the science of skin and makeup just as fascinating as the art of applying it. It’s important for me to educate my clients about makeup and introduce simple techniques that can be used everyday.

 I love to travel and explore new places, try new restaurants and coffee shops, and go on outdoor adventures. On most days you can find me with my two crazy kitties Boots and Nash and enjoying life with my husband Mike.

My passion for makeup began long before I could actually wear any! I would page through my mom and older sister’s magazines, gathering all of the beauty tips and how-to’s,and study the details of every face of every single celebrity on the red carpet.  I still remember the day I got to experience makeup for the first time. It was for my 8th grade dance, my sister did my makeup. It was the first time I wore more than just eyeshadow and mascara. If I were to go back and see it… now I might not be so amazed, but that feeling of seeing myself in the mirror.  It was still me, but different. I felt beautiful and powerful (for a 14 year old), and needed to immediately persuade my mom to allow me to start wearing makeup for real. From there I went on to practice on friends and family, finally using all of those tricks I read about previously. During the summer of my junior year in college I decided to go to school for makeup and that’s where it all began!

On the flip side of that, my love of fashion is fairly recent. Growing up as a 90’s kid and 00’s teen the choices were limited and definitely geared to a demographic in the era of Hollister and Abercrombie (cue the cheesy graphic tees and polo shirts). However, throughout college and the days of “figuring yourself out” I started developing my own sense of style and since then I’ve pushed myself out of my jeans and tee comfort zone into bolder patterns and funky styles.To this day, I sit and page through magazines envisioning how cool it would be to be a model, styled in high fashion pieces. The tomboy in me loves a plain white tee and jeans because it’s so versatile and can be simple or sophisticated with a pair of heels or bold statement earrings or necklace. My style changes daily according to my mood AKA what’s clean, after all it’s my form of self expression.

Aside from the pure aesthetic of makeup, it has the ability to transform how a person feels about themselves and how flippin amazing that is. There’s no greater pleasure than a satisfied client that not only looks beautiful but embraces the power of beauty. I will never forget the first time I did makeup for a bride, she was unsure of herself to begin with, I took my time getting to know more about her and pumping her up for the big day. Once I finished I gave her the mirror, she looked at herself as if it was the first time she’d ever seen her face. She began to cry tears of joy over how beautiful she looked. She expressed how grateful she was that I took my time with her and made her feel a way she never had. It’s those moments of beauty that make me love what I do because I’m creating a genuine emotion.

I am a classic beauty, I like crisp and clean, timeless looks. There’s a time and place for everything, you can edge up the most simple look with a pop of color or flick of eyeliner. In the age of Instagram, I feel true artists get overshadowed by the eye-catching dramatic faces. I pursue to stay true to my style and what I see as “timeless”. Constantly pushing myself to learn more about products and technique I’m able to use what works best for me. Makeup is such an individual preference, there’s no real “right” or “wrong” it’s more of a “trial and error” approach to find what products and placement is best on the individual face shape. My heart yearns to work with people, not only to get my hands on that raw beauty of theirs, but to also show them that it’s not about the most expensive or raved about item on the shelf, it’s how we maximize our potential with what we already have.

Notable Accomplishments & Features

  • Certified Makeup Artist through London Eyes International Academy of Makeup
  • Licensed Aesthetician through GillTech Academy
  • BA in Communications from Elmhurst College
  •  DiGiorno Pizza Commercials feat. Clay Matthews, Colleen Ballinger aka Miranda Sings
  • Wahl Clippers promotion feat. Jordy Nelson, shot by Image Studios
  • Dateline NBC (“Making A Murder”)
  • Makeup and Hair for “The 60 Yard Line” Film
  • Represented makeup brand Jouer for the Chicago Trend Show
  • Touchdowns for Hope charity event, House of Hope.